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Looking for a good used car dealer? Buying a used car ensures an affordable investment but it’s risky as well since you are not getting a fresh piece. Thus, you have to be very careful while zeroing on a used car dealer. The article here is a brief on some of the top used car dealers in the USA market. Top used car dealers

  • Randall Motors

Randall Motors is one of the most premier used car dealers across the USA market. The San Angelo based family owned company has been into Cadillac & Oldsmobiles since 1957. Over the years it has also expanded its dealership to used Mitsubishi models. The company has been recognized as Elite Oldsmobile Dealer and Gold Cadillac Dealer by General Motors.

  • Paramount Motors

Paramount Motors from Taylor (Michigan) is another top rated used car dealer in the US market. The used car dealership is widely acclaimed for its elaborate inventory and extensive information (along with videos and snaps) provided on each car featured here. The used cars at offer here include all the top notch makes like Dodge, Cadillac, AMC, BMW, Infiniti, Jeep, Honda, Mercury, Nissan etc.

Top used car dealers 2

  • Geeswin Motors

Geeswin Motors is one among the most sought after used car dealerships in Soutch Dakota, located in Milbank. It has operating for around 44 years now and is a major Jeep, Dodge & Chrysler dealer around northeast SD. The company holds a supreme 5 star certification for 26 years and promises a mammoth variety of used autos- including cars, SUVs, crossovers, minivans and trucks.

  • Lash Chevrolet

The customers have recommended Lash Chevrolet as one of the best Chevrolet dealers in Ohio. THE Johnstown based eminent used car dealer has come up with a versatile selection of Chevrolet vehicles to choose from.

  • Hertz Car Sales

Hertz Car Sales from Bordentown (NJ) is one among the most respect used car dealers in the USA auto market. Hertz assures diverse inventory stuffed with thoroughly inspected and carefully selected models. There are around hundreds of used vehicles to pick from all the major manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz etc.



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10 Best Cars to Own

Are you planning a new 4 wheeler off late and looking for suggestions? Well, certainly a car is one of the most expensive and treasured assets and you surely wish to go all right with the investment. It’s smarter to search around and study the auto market extensively before finalizing on the most ideal one for you. However, the article here has laid down a brief list on the top best cars at present selected by auto aficionados & customers.

10 Best Cars to Own

1.      Superb Estate (Skoda)

Skoda is undoubtedly one among the most esteemed auto makers around and its Superb estate flaunts a truly state of the art engineering. The car offers grand space and it’s amazingly practical design has received rave reviews both from experts and customers. The car has been rated with 97% customer satisfaction.

2.      Yaris Verso (Toyota)

If you want a roomy car with practical designs, the Yaeis Verso is the optimum choice for you. The car comes with big, square boot & high roof engineering.   It has been appreciated hugely and shows 96% customer satisfaction.

3.      Porsche Boxster

The 2004-2012 Boxster edition looks much akin to its 1996 predecessor but this 2nd genre car has been incorporated with some significant changes to assure an improved performance. It sports a beautiful build and guarantees a very credible performance. The car confirms 86 percent user satisfaction.

4.      Honda S2000

10 Best Cars to Own 2

The Honda auto is your best choice if you are looking for an excellent hatchback without compromising on the budget. The car is famous for scintillating soundtrack & superior performance which guarantees 95 percent customer satisfaction.

5.      Skoda Yeti

This Skoda crossover befits well as a robust and solid family car, backed by excellent practical designs.

6.      BMW X5 2013

The luxury SUV is perfect for tall drivers and accommodates up till 7 passengers. Its available in five trims.

10 Best Cars to Own 3

7.      Mazda MX-5

It’s a lightweight two seater sports car which has renowned widely for its consistently strong performance.

8.      Mercedes-Benz CLS

It’s a very elegant luxury coupe-akin 4 door car which promises a keen ride in super flamboyance.

9.      Skoda Octavia

It’s your large family hatchback assuring a super comfortable ride. The affordable rates further make it more fetching.

10.  Kia Sportage

The rugged crossover SUV is well compatible with city roads. The 7 year warranty carried by the model is a significant factor behind its listing here.


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