Factors for Considering The Best Vehicle for Your Needs

For most of us having a car is a necessary part of life, as not all of us live within good reach of regular or a viable public transport system. As the freedom that comes with owning your own car is a major factor when choosing a location for where you want to live and work.

Added to these factors if you have family, there will be far more things to take into consideration when choosing a suitable car or vehicle as the family mode or transport. For example if you have a young family you may have to negotiate car journeys accompanied with a pram or pushchair, so the car will need to be spacious and have large boot to accommodate all the necessary items needed in the modern age as a growing family.

So if you are looking to upgrade or looking to buy a new vehicle to suit all your family’s needs, the first step could well be a trip to your say your local Ford car dealership to see what there is within the range of cars available which encompasses your family’s requirements, whilst offering future growth.

As major manufactures and car companies like Ford have developed ingenious ways to save space or adapt what looks like an average family vehicle, but offers the optimum space for most families’ daily needs.

If you feel a standard car configuration does potentially not offer the space or growing room for your family, then you can always consider an SUV or one for the versatile people carrier models on the market. As SUV’s and people carriers often have much more headroom and boot space, so therefore having to take a pram or child’s buggy is not going to be a problem when it comes to space, especially if you have to do the weekly shop with your young family.

In addition, if you are planning an activity weekend or a trip to the DIY store, the seating configuration can be adapted or folded down if no passengers are in the vehicle, to allow for those larger purchases during the month.

So, make sure when deciding on a particular car or vehicle for you and your family’s needs, you have plenty of space for weekly life and the future ahead.


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5 Ways to Make your Car Unique

We love our cars – we really do and for lot of petrol heads, giving your car a little something to make it unique can be an exciting and fun prospect. Whether it’s a new auto, something vintage, or something you’ve had for a while – there are a number of great ways to give it a little love and make it a little more customised. So, let’s take a look at how to do so.



A new set of alloys can really give a car that little bit something extra. Whether it’s a new car with hub caps or uninspiring wheels as stock, or something a little more extravagant – adding some new wheels to your car can rally give it a certain oomph.

There are so many different companies out there selling wheels and whether it is low profile wheels for your hot hatch, or a nice shiny new set for your vintage auto – they can really make the difference.


Nothing says this car is unique like a custom plate – it’s that simple. Customised number plates come in all shapes, sizes, names and numbers and allow you to add a truly unique feel to the car. They give you the opportunity to express yourself, make your car unique and really just give it a nice feel. Plate-trader is well worth a look if you’re up for investing in some new plates.

Paint Job

Of course, a new paint job can also give a car a lift, specifically if it’s a pretty awesome one. There are all sorts of different paint jobs that can give a car a unique look – from a matt black version to a shiny, almost mirror silver finish, to just a plain old change of colour. They cost a bit of money, but they can be a great way to give your car a unique feel – something a lot of us crave to be honest.


Of course, it’s not always the outside of the car that needs the update – a lot of people love to customise the inside of their ride. Whether it’s a new leather covering, carpets or some awesome speakers – the inside of the car can often look great with an update being honest. The inside is almost limitless in the amount of things that can be done to it, so take your time, design something cool and then enjoy it.


Why not tint the windows – it looks great, gives you some prvacy and can also give a car a VIP edge. Needless to say check the local road laws to ensure you only tint as much as you are allowed as over tinting can cause issues and often breaks laws and legislation.

Customising a new car is a great way to make it that bit unique, different and also to leave your mark on it – which is always nice. So, take notice of the ideas we’ve mentioned above and go ahead and make your car a little bit more unique.


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Fuel Efficiency of Your Used Car: What to Know

Purchasing a used car that is fuel efficient is about more than just saving money. Your car’s fuel economy can make a positive difference in the world by reducing climate change, oil dependence, and promoting sustainable energy. Whether you want a used car with fuel efficiency for your budget, to save the planet or both, you will need to know how to determine if the vehicle is up for the challenge. Check out these helpful tips for calculating a car’s fuel efficiency and how you can take it one step further by incorporating a few habits that will reduce your carbon footprint.

Sales Manager sends the keys to a new car

Calculate the MPG

The MPG, or Miles Per Gallon, of a car will tell you if it has fuel efficiency or simply burns through cash. Follow these three steps to calculate a car’s MPG.

Step One – Take your car and fill up the gas tank until it is entirely full, record the mileage (A) before driving away from the pump.

Step Two – Drive on the gas as long as possible and when you get gas the second time write down the gallons consumed as well as the mileage (B) again.

Step Three – Use the following formula with the numbers you wrote down to determine the MPG of the vehicle.

MPG = (Mileage B – Mileage A)



Once you have the MPG, you should have a good idea on the cost of running the vehicle and whether or not it will fit your needs. You can also estimate a car’s MPG by using a MPG calculator. While this method is not nearly as accurate as calculating it yourself, it can give you a good estimation if you aren’t able to take the car for a test drive.

Standard versus Automatic

If you are looking for a used car that provides the best value, it may be interesting to know that a car with a standard transmission will have a better fuel economy than one with an automatic. While many drivers still prefer the ease of an automatic, you pay for the convenience in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

fuel efficiency road sign illustration design

Ways to Save

That MPG you calculated isn’t the final word, it can actually be improved by incorporating a few simple strategies. While you shouldn’t expect miracles, these tips can give you a slight increase on the MPG which can add up to big savings over a long period of time.

  • Check the pressure of your tyres. When a tyre is not properly inflated the engine needs to work harder. By checking your tyres monthly with a simple gauge, you can ensure they always have the right amount of air.
  • Don’t speed. When you go faster than necessary, you burn through gas. Reduce your speed and your car’s fuel economy will increase.
  • Don’t use air conditioning. Thankfully, this isn’t a huge issue in Britain as summer never seems to make an appearance. If you are faced with an abnormally warm day, roll down your window instead of running the air conditioning. That air can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 10%, even over a week that will add up.

Purchasing a fuel efficient car makes more and more sense. It is advisable to rely on a trusted name for buying a used car, Hertz Rent2Buy is one such name. Gas prices are on the rise, climate change and air pollution are becoming major problems, and we are using up non-renewable resources at an alarming rate. Taking the time to consider a car’s fuel economy before you purchase will not only save your pocket book, it will save the world as well.


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A Guide To Buying Mag Wheels In Australia

Purchasing cheap wheels for your car may not always be a good option. It is only when your existing wheels do not function that you can go for cheap wheels. Apart from that you can buy brand new mag wheels at very cheap rates and the quality is also great. In fact most people are buying mag wheels nowadays when they are buying new cars. The main reason why people are choosing mag wheels over other wheels is because they have a whole lot of advantages. However there are few things that you need to keep in mind before buying the mag wheels for your car. Given below are some of those points so that you make the best decision while buying:

  • First of all if you have decided to buy mag wheels then it would be better if you buy them from Australia. Australia has a number of companies manufacturing mag wheels and that too at a very cheap rate. If you search for companies manufacturing magwheels then you will see most of the websites based in Australia.
  • The next thing that you need to do is check the weight of the mag wheels that you are buying. The lighter the wheels the better it is for your car. Almost all the mag wheels are light but still it would be a good idea to check the weight before buying. It should be compatible with your car as well. The main reason why you should check the weight is because it will help to improve the steering capability of the car and will also reduce the chances of the tyres exploding.
  • When you are buying mag wheels you should always check whether it is working with your car or not. Even a small dispute can cause a big harm to your car. So it is wise to check it with your car before buying.
  • Another thing that is really important is the heat emission capability of the mag wheels that you are buying. In general mag wheels are tested for heat emission and it is one of the most important features that makes it different from others. The heat emission concept keeps a check to many things in the car due to which your car would remain new for years. First of all it will be able to take a lot of pressure which normal wheels cannot take. Secondly it reduces the chances of brake failure by compressing the heat. This is a very big advantage of mag wheels and it is one of the most important reasons why people prefer it over the other wheels. Thirdly it will save a lot of fuel in your car. With less heat there will be less utilization of fuel thus saving both money and also keeping the car safe.

All these things are very important while buying mag wheels but the reputation is such that you can totally rely on them.


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10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs of 2013

Are you looking for a fuel efficient SUV this time? Well, that’s definitely a smart parameter since gas is a documented expense these days. The good news is that the contemporary auto market has come up with a great list of fuel-efficient SUV models that will let you cherish the raised perch without compromising on your wallet.  The article here is a brief on 10 most fuel efficient SUVs of 2013.

10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs of 2013

1. Toyota RAV4

The new refurbished Toyota RAV4 promises 26 mpg of combined fuel efficiency with 24 for city & 31 for highway.

2. Mitsubishi Outlander

It’s undoubtedly one among the smartest looking SUVs in 2013 which is also renowned for its high affordability. The SUV has come up with a combined fuel efficiency of 27 mpg where 24 is for city & 31 is for highway.

3. Mini Cooper Paceman

The Paceman comes with a combined fuel efficiency 27 mpg- 25 for city & 30 for highway.

4. BMW X1

It’s the smallest SUV from BMW with a 5-passenger capacity but with no compromise on hallmark BMW handling & amenities. The SUV assures a combined 28 mpg furl efficiency with 24 mpg for city and 34 mpg for highway.

5. Buick Encore

The Encore represents a very well mannered & well-finished SUV from Buick- it’s perfect for the trendy urban drivers. The car guarantees a 28 mpg of combined fuel efficiency- 25 for city and 33 for highway.

6. Subaru Impreza

The bold all-terrain SUV has been much appreciated for its rugged engineering and excellent fuel efficiency. The car maintains a combined fuel efficiency of 28 mpg where it is 25 for city & 33 for highway.

7. Toyota Highlander

The cutting edge Toyota Hybrid has been designed to come up with 28 mpg of combined fuel efficiency- 28 for both city & highway.

8. Mazda CX-5

10 Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs of 2013 2 It’s the first in the line of Mazda fuel-efficient cars. The smart SUV confirms 29 mpg of combined fuel efficiency- 26 for city & 32 for highway.

9. Nissan Juke

The solid Juke assures 29 mpg of combined fuel efficiency- 27 for city & 32 for highway.

10. Lexus RX

The hybrid luxury SUV offers 30 mpg of combined fuel efficiency- 32 for city and 28 for highway.


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