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5 Ways to Make your Car Unique

We love our cars – we really do and for lot of petrol heads, giving your car a little something to make it unique can be an exciting and fun prospect. Whether it’s a new auto, something vintage, or something you’ve had for a while – there are a number of great ways to give it a little love and make it a little more customised. So, let’s take a look at how to do so.



A new set of alloys can really give a car that little bit something extra. Whether it’s a new car with hub caps or uninspiring wheels as stock, or something a little more extravagant – adding some new wheels to your car can rally give it a certain oomph.

There are so many different companies out there selling wheels and whether it is low profile wheels for your hot hatch, or a nice shiny new set for your vintage auto – they can really make the difference.


Nothing says this car is unique like a custom plate – it’s that simple. Customised number plates come in all shapes, sizes, names and numbers and allow you to add a truly unique feel to the car. They give you the opportunity to express yourself, make your car unique and really just give it a nice feel. Plate-trader is well worth a look if you’re up for investing in some new plates.

Paint Job

Of course, a new paint job can also give a car a lift, specifically if it’s a pretty awesome one. There are all sorts of different paint jobs that can give a car a unique look – from a matt black version to a shiny, almost mirror silver finish, to just a plain old change of colour. They cost a bit of money, but they can be a great way to give your car a unique feel – something a lot of us crave to be honest.


Of course, it’s not always the outside of the car that needs the update – a lot of people love to customise the inside of their ride. Whether it’s a new leather covering, carpets or some awesome speakers – the inside of the car can often look great with an update being honest. The inside is almost limitless in the amount of things that can be done to it, so take your time, design something cool and then enjoy it.


Why not tint the windows – it looks great, gives you some prvacy and can also give a car a VIP edge. Needless to say check the local road laws to ensure you only tint as much as you are allowed as over tinting can cause issues and often breaks laws and legislation.

Customising a new car is a great way to make it that bit unique, different and also to leave your mark on it – which is always nice. So, take notice of the ideas we’ve mentioned above and go ahead and make your car a little bit more unique.